Voluntary "Comfort Woman" Prostitutes as "Forced Sex Slaves"

Propaganda of China and South/North Korea, and pro-North group KRHANA that keeps profiting from "prostitute girl" statues

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Nanjing Massacre evidence twisted at historian’s whim (Japan Times)

Photos of Nanking  Under the Japanese Occupation

Getting the Senkaku History Right (The Diplomat)




Confronting Korea’s Censored Discourse on Comfort Women (The Diplomat)

US Office of War Information Report on Comfort Women obtained by Texas Daddy

Seiji Yoshida interview

Seiji Yoshida (Wikipedia)

Korean women abducted by Korean pimps rescued by Japanese police (August 31, 1939 by Donga-Ilbo)

Asahi Shimbun‘s retraction of comfort women articles (JP, Wikipedia)

Reddit thread on Asahi retraction

95-year -old man murdered for positive view on Imperial Japan

Shimane confirms 1760s maps showing Takeshima as part of Japan (Japan Times) LINK DEAD

Takeshima is Japanese Territory Documents, 1760 map, photos (Shimane Prefecture official website)

Takeshima竹島/Dokdo独島 Disputes, Korea’s Illegal Occupation – MacArthur Telegram, Rusk Documents

Commentary: Joshua Cooper Ramo’s South Korea Comments Contain Important Pieces of Truth (Fortune)

Much Of What You May Think You Know About Korean ‘Comfort Women’ Is Wrong (Task and Purpose)