The model of the most well-known “comfort woman” statue is 심 미선 (Shim Mi-son), a middle-school girl that was killed by an US tank back in 2002 along with her friend 신 효순 (Shin Hyo-sun). Their statues were initially created to protest the US bases in South Korea, but the statue of Mi-son later came to represent a “comfort woman” prostitute. According to Michael Yon, the sculptors of these statues affiliated with pro-North group KRHANA (겨레하나) make around $30,000 a piece to donate to North Korea.


Shin Hyo-sun (left) and Shim Mi-son (right)


Anti-American protest after the 2002 incident


The couple producing the statues are said to be affiliated with pro-North org KRHANA

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KRHANA Busan University branch “worshipping” the Mi-son statue, now a “prostitute statue”, in front of the Japanese Consulate-General in Busan