Picture: 1989 Cheju paper denying the allegations of “forced sex slavery” and “abductions” that started to appear following Seiji Yoshida’s novel- the local elderly residents had never even seen or heard of such incidents in the island, the supposed origin of their “tragedy”.

The strong anti-SKorea sentiment in Japan and calls for simply severing ties with them altogether have been on such a sharp rise that even Lib-Dem can’t just say “we regret your action” and forget it any longer. We really wish for better relations with our neighbor, we really do; But it’s very hard to picture a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with a country that never honors promises, treaties, and agreements, keeps moving the goal posts, and still treats “pro-Japan” as a discriminatory slur, but demands money and never-ending apologies that they never accept or conveniently forget anyway.

Below is something I wrote elsewhere earlier. Have a quick look if you consider yourself open- and fair-minded, as the Western liberal media is heavily lopsided in favor of Korea and they tend to utterly ignore Japan’s position on this.


We understand that South Korea needs to shift their public anger and frustration elsewhere, but I don’t believe they have any business criticizing us or meddling with our domestic affairs before righting their outrageous, disrespectful behaviors, and as a law-abiding, respectable, civilized nation, at least:

Correct their preposterous false collective memory formed encouraged by the Pro-North/China regarding “comfort women” prostitutes solely based on a fictional novel by Seiji Yoshida and claims of self-proclaimed “war-time sex slaves” with their ever-changing testimonies and absolutely no physical evidence whatsoever (if anything, there are many advertisements and even American military documents proving the existence of affluent prostitutes that enjoyed much freedom, many of whom were 3rd or younger daughters sold to Korean pimps by their families – Heck, many times, Japanese police and soldiers rescued Korean women abducted by Korean pimps (see my follow-up post), one of the examples being [August 31, 1939 by Donga-Ilbo (Korean newspaper)](http://howwelldoyouknowyourmoon.tumblr.com/post/133960289603/about-100-korean-women-were-abducted-by-korean). Keep in mind, unlike the Koreans who raped girls as young as 12 in Vietnam, the Japanese army had a strict rule not to hire those below 17. Isn’t it odd to think there was no claim of “forced sex labor” and no witnesses or reports of women being forcefully taken away, which even Cheju elderly residents called a lie, until this specific fictional Yoshida novel appeared and the pro-Korea newspaper Asahi-Shimbun spread it without any verification, only to retract all related articles later with apologies.

Advertisement for “comfort women”. The majority of those sex workers were Japanese women.

Stop suppressing literally by violence fellow South Koreans from expressing less biased historical views e.g. professor Lee Yong-hoon, Kim Wan-seop, Park Yu-ha etc.; Don’t forget that in 2013, a 95 yo Korean man who expressed a positive view towards the Imperial Japan era was brutally murdered by a young man, which was highly praised by South Korean netizens as patriotic and heroic. Another of many examples is when South Korea banned Park Yu-ha’s book called “Comfort Women of the Empire” on March 20, 2015, because this book revealed many lies by South Korea, including the fact that South Korea started this distortion since the Kim Yong-sam regime,

Professor Lee Yong-hoon met with violent reaction over his historical views

If they don’t intend to return the billion yen that was part of it, honor our 2015 agreement, and remove the hideous prostitute statues they have been building around the world complete with another lovely set of lies, violating the Vienna Convention, Article 22, paragraph 2,

* trivia: the model of that statue is one of the two middle-school girls that were killed by an US tank back in 2002. You can read about the incident here. They initially started creating these statues to protest the US army but then had to stop midway because the US pressured them and also the money ran out. And when they needed some statue to represent their prostitutes, they found this bronze girl. So there, that’s why there’s always one empty chair right next to those prostitute statues.


Statues of Shim Mi-son and Shin Hyo-sun, the middle schoolers who were run over and killed by an American tank in 2002

Honor the 1965 Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea; acknowledge the fact that our PMs (Miyazawa et al.) and even our Emperor himself have repeatedly made public apologies even after that on top of compensations after compensations; and do not forget that Kim Young Sam, Kim Dae Jung, Roh Moo-hyun, Lee Myung-bak, and Yoon Seung-ho all said they wouldn’t pester for any more apologies. Where have all the promises gone? Ms. Park only recently said they’d continue playing the victim card for another 1,000 years,

Stop instilling children with pitiful anti-Japan propaganda using a history textbook full of convenient delusion and fabrication whose content doesn’t match any of the other nations’. Because they do this across the world, we often hear reports of innocent Japanese kids being bullied not just by Koreans but also by kids of other races/ethnicity.

“We will kill all Japs” “Japan will sink into the ocean” “When will the trash called Japan be dumped?”… drawn by the middle school South Korean girl, pictured

Don’t just reply with repeated emotional hisses of “die Japs” or “die, shit nation” (and with no logic or substance) when we calmly and respectfully provide them with physical evidence to back our claims up, which I’ve personally experienced countless times over the years,

Also, give us back Takeshima in Shimane (which the Rusk documents acknowledge as Japanese lands but they continue their unlawful occupation); our Important Cultural Properties including Tsusima’s Buddhist statues that they *stole* and now claim theirs; our 1.3 trillion yen as well as the construction cost of their soccer stadium.

By the way, for a nation that patiently keeps attacking us with outrageous claims, South Korea has never even acknowledged, let alone made a proper apology and compensations for, the atrocities they committed in Vietnam where approx. 9,000 people were massacred and many (including children aged 12-14) raped in around 80 separate incidents which have actually been recorded; as a result of this mass rape, it’s said approx 5,000 – 30,000 half-Korean children were born (Lai Đại Hàn). They should be thankful the Vietnamese have class and dignity to not continue to make up crap to tell other countries so they can cash in whilst humiliating them internationally.

See also:

* [American military report on “comfort women” prostitutes’ recruitment, payment, living conditions, ages etc.](http://texas-daddy.com/comfortwomen.htm)

* [Even the supreme court of Korea said in 1966 that comfort women were prostitutes]( https://www.law.go.kr/precInfoP.do?precSeq=153273)

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgGxbSxsJS4&feature=youtu.be&t=16m49s

* [Interview etc. of Seiji Yoshida, the author of the fictional novel that started the entire “sexual slavery” fantasy which was then propagated by Asahi and Mainichi newspapers](https://ampontan.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/you-go-first-part-two-of-two/)

* http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/10/13/president-park-should-use-us-visit-to-publicly-apologize-for-south-koreas-sexual-violence-in-vietnam.html

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUmBRlBhc34

* https://youtu.be/OgGxbSxsJS4?t=12m36s

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPSiiWqEYPc

* “100 Korean women were abducted by Korean pimps but Japanese police rescued those comfort girls” on August 31, 1939 by Donga-Ilbo (Korean newspaper) http://howwelldoyouknowyourmoon.tumblr.com/post/133960289603/about-100-korean-women-were-abducted-by-korean

List of examples where Japanese police saved young Korean women (many of whom were sold by their parents) from Korean pimps:

(1)東亜日報(1939.03.2850人余りの娘が朝鮮人人身売買団に引っかかり、北支や満州に娼妓として売られるも、日本の警察が救出する。Japanese police in Korea rescued about 50 women who were being mobilized as prostitutes to North China and Manchuria by a Korean human trafficking gang, published in 1939 March 28 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.

(2)毎日新報(1936.05.14)農村の婦人を誘引した犯人を検挙 女性を満州に娼妓として売却しようとしていたところを日本の警察が検挙 女性を救出する 4人の女性が魔の手を脱する。Japanese police arrested Korean human trafficking gang for buying and selling Korean people in a Korean village. 4 ladies were rescued. Published in 1936 May 14 by the毎日新報/毎日申報(매일신보) newspaper.

(3)東亜日報(1939.8.31)悪徳紹介業者の横暴 誘拐した農村女子の数は100人以上全員、日本の警察が救出

Japanese police in Korea saved more than 100 Korean women who were kidnapped by brokers of a big Korean human trafficking group, published in 1939 August 31 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.

(4)毎日新報(1936.07.09)娘を誘引し、売春を強制した行商魔女の罪状 純真な女性を誘引し、中国人に売春を強要 日本の警察が検挙し、被害女性たちを救出。According to the毎日新報/毎日申報(매일신보) newspaper, published in 1936 July 9, Japanese police rescued many women who were forced into prostitutions by Korean.

(5)東亜日報(1935.03.07)中国上海暗黒街に朝鮮人女性が約2000人これら、遠征売春婦のために朝鮮人の威厳が損なわれる しかし、これに対策を打つことはできない なぜなら、経済的な問題で自発的に労働しているから。2000 Korean women work as prostitutions at Shanghai China. This fact defames Korea. However, we can’t take any action because they sell bodies willingly for the cause of economic reasons. Published in 1939 August 31 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.

(6)東亜日報(1933.07.01)少女誘拐団のトップを逮捕。主に幼い少女たちを誘い出し、売春宿に売り飛ばしていた。Japanese police arrested a top official of Korean human trafficking group. The group kidnaps young women and sells to brothels. Published in 1933 July 1 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.

(7)毎日新報(1936.02.14)朝鮮人たちが女性を誘拐し、娼妓として売却日本の警察が発見し逮捕。Japanese police in Korea rescued Korean women who are being mobilized to brothels by Korean human trafficking gangs, published in 1936 February 14 by the 毎日新報/毎日申報(매일신보) newspaper.

(8)東亜日報(1939.08.05)処女貿易の誘引魔 日本人女性を誘引し、中国に売り飛ばそうとしているところを日本の警察が検挙。A Japanese woman was rescued in Korea by Japanese police. Korean human trafficking group, which is called a Virgin Trade, tried to sell the women to China. Published in 1939 August 5 by the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper.

(9)毎日新報(1939 03 28)農村処女を誘引し、100人余りを売り飛ばす朝鮮人拉致団 これを日本の警察が検挙し、女性たちを救出。According to the 毎日新報/毎日申報(매일신보) newspaper in 1939 March 28, Korean human trafficking group was nabbed by Japanese police. The group sold about 100 women.