Korean Government’s military prostitutes as “supplies”

Class V Supply” (KR: 제5종 보급품) refers to the Korean prostitutes provided to the Korean, American, and United Nations military personnel by the Korean government during the Korean War. According to “후방전사” published by the Korean Army Headquarters, those women were pushed into iron-made container and delivered to prostitution stations. In 1948, prostitution was prohibited by law in Korea; however, the Korean government began to supply such women in order to maintain soldiers’ morale.

Following Dong-a Ilbo article reads: “Comfort women (慰安婦)” for the UN army to be registered from the 13th

The Seoul Metropolitan Police informs of and conducts registration of “comfort women” for the UN army by “United Nations military comfort women sexual disease management industry”.

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It is worth noting that Korean girls and women around WW2 kept their hair long and braided up. Short”okappa” hair was only seen among Japanese young girls. 
Statues of Shim Mi-son and Shin Hyo-sun
Shim Mison’s statues (left) are now used to represent “comfort woman” prostitutes