May 2017 – South Korean public tourism company now suggests that their Winter Olympics needs financial help of Tokyo, so that “Japan’s Summer Olympics in 2020 may also succeed” (KR link). Should Japan really, knowing South Korea has repeatedly broken international agreements, while also repeatedly violating the Olympic Charter by dragging politics into sports to defame Japan like claiming rights to unlawfully occupied Takeshima with modified world maps and demanding yet another apology for the wartime annexation? And we haven’t even forgotten a heartwarming South Korean “celebration” banner during a soccer match in response to the 3/11 Tōhoku earthquake that claimed tens of thousands of innocent lives.

“We celebrate Japan’s major earthquake” in broken Japanese

One recent example of Korean politics in sports: In 2013, a Korean “private” organization insisted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that Tokyo was not qualified to hold the Olympic Games, alleging that anti-Korean protests were taking place in some parts of Tokyo (unsubstantiated).

This private organization called “VANK” sent a letter to the IOC alleging that “Japanese right-wing groups are conducting anti-Korean protest in Tokyo and Osaka, which is against the Olympic spirit of peace”. The letter was also sent to the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others.

A South Korean website dedicated to opposing the Tokyo Olympic Games bidding had comment sections filled with messages like “Japan should apologize for the criminal acts in World War II”, “Tokyo is against the Olympic spirit. If they win the bid, it means their act of instigating racial discrimination are accepted globally”, “South Korea should boycott the Tokyo Olympics”.