Full article (JP): 英の慰安婦資料が判明 「強制連行」の記述なし 韓国主張「性奴隷」根拠なし改めて分かる 兵士に慰安婦への暴力禁じた規定も

Thirty materials related to the former Japanese Army from the British “Imperial War Museum”, jointly applied for registration of “World Memory” (memory heritage) of the UNESCO by 14 organizations from 8 countries including China, South Korea, and Japan, have been disclosed.

While the application claims that “women and young girls were forced  into sexual slavery”, these materials turned out to not include any objective evidence that such women were forcibly recruited or that comfort women were indeed “sex slaves”.

In addition, not only did these materials include testimonies and photographs that lacked credibility, some of the Japanese public documents indicated that the comfort women were indeed “public prostitutes”. The “memory heritage” application of these materials related to comfort women has been driven by the so-called “international cooperation committee” based in South Korea. It submitted 2744 materials to the UNESCO in May 2016.


In addition, the material specifies that “any battery and violence [against the comfort women] will not be tolerated”.