Voluntary "Comfort Woman" Prostitutes as "Forced Sex Slaves"

Propaganda of China and South/North Korea, and pro-North group KRHANA that keeps profiting from "prostitute girl" statues

Photos and documents

Comfort women receipts, ads, etc from “Comfort Women of the Empire” by Professor Park Yuha”

Old newspaper articles on Korean miners on Gunkanjima (軍艦島, Battleship Island) – “Payroll cashier for peninsula workers” “Worked and stayed of their own free will” “The astoundingly high salaries of Korean miners” “Special treatment for Korean miners – as if in a premium ryokan”

Remember Lai Dai Han

David Kaye: “United Nation-ish Human Rights Specialist” who makes unsubstantiated reports based on unsubstantiated reports, without even inspecting the actual site where violence by protesters – Japanese and non-Japanese – is a daily occurrence


“Class V Supplies” – Comfort Women prostitutes for the UN, US, Korean armies during the Korean War, stationed in the “Monkey Houses”

Douglas MacArthur’s Telegram 3470 on Takeshima, Korea’s unlawful occupation:

“The Rusk Documens” on Takeshima by Dean Rusk: