Voluntary "Comfort Woman" Prostitutes as "Forced Sex Slaves"

Propaganda of China and South/North Korea, and pro-North group KRHANA that keeps profiting from "prostitute girl" statues

Photos and documents

Old newspaper articles on Korean miners on Gunkanjima (軍艦島, Battleship Island) – “Payroll cashier for peninsula workers” “Worked and stayed of their own free will” “The astoundingly high salaries of Korean miners” “Special treatment for Korean miners – as if in a premium ryokan”

Remember Lai Dai Han

David Kaye: “United Nation-ish Human Rights Specialist” who makes unsubstantiated reports based on unsubstantiated reports, without even inspecting the actual site where violence by protesters – Japanese and non-Japanese – is a daily occurrence


“Class V Supplies” – Comfort Women prostitutes for the UN, US, Korean armies during the Korean War, stationed in the “Monkey Houses”

Douglas MacArthur’s Telegram 3470 on Takeshima, Korea’s unlawful occupation:

“The Rusk Documens” on Takeshima by Dean Rusk: